Lookup Results



Information about neighbouring IP addresses.

Host name

The host name of the machine with the IP address you are looking up. This Host name is given by a Domain Name Server (DNS).

DNS state

The DNS state can be "OK"  DNS OK or "Broken"  Broken DNS ! .
A DNS is broken when the DNS maps it to a Host name which does not map back to the same IP address.


In most cases, an IP address can be located to a country.

Address Infomation

Information about the address format (IPv4, IPv6...).

Related IP Addresses

Other addresses related to the IP address (DIG command).

Local IP addresses / Proxy

Other IP addresses sent by your system to the web server. Proxy address will also be detected if identifiable but not all Proxies identify themselves.

IP owner info (Whois)

Information (name, address, date of creation...) about the IP address range which your IP address belongs to.

Domain owner info (Whois / Abuse)

Information (name, address, date of creation...) about the domain name of the Host name.

Conversions (IPv4 / IPv6)

Other ways to format this IP address (IPv4, IPv6...).


A connection to the IP address specified to determine if the server behind this IP is alive.


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